Platinum VIP Realtor - Explained

There are true benefits working with a VIP!

Platinum VIP agents are the first group of people to get access to the building outside of the developer’s own friends and family.

The Platinum agents generally sell the largest chunk of the building, and there are usually only about 20 platinum agents in any given project. These are generally agents who have sold the most units for the developer in the past at their previous projects. They are rewarded with first access and best prices for their clients.

Exclusive allocation of units to sell.

Often each platinum agent is given a specific “allocation” of units in the building (for example, 1 or 2 floors of the building) for which they have exclusive rights to sell to their clients for a limited period of time (2-3 weeks).

Platinum VIP Realtors are usually agents who specialize exclusively in pre-construction condo investments and they sell a much higher volume of condo units than 99% of all other Realtors in the GTA.

Exclusive buyers club!

Out of close to 40,000 Realtors currently in the GTA, it’s estimated that only about 100-200 agents could actually be considered true Platinum VIP level agents.

Simple formula for Developers

Condo developers in Toronto generally follow a simple staggered marketing formula:

1) Friends and Family sales event (5-10% of units get sold)
2) Platinum VIP agents get access (30-40% get sold)
3) VIP agents get access (20-30% get sold)
4) All agents get access (10-20% get sold)
5) Pre-registrants get access (5-10% get sold)
6) Grand Opening to the public (last 10-20% gets sold)

Maximize your return

If you are a buyer of a pre-construction condo, it just makes sense that in any project you ever buy in, you want to work with a platinum VIP realtor for that project. I’ll get you the best pricing, the best unit selection, and I’ll get you access to the building the earliest before anyone else.

Beyond that, it also means that you as a buyer,

– Hear about new projects first before they are advertised
– Hear about promotions or sales events first, before they are advertised
– Never have to wait in any line-ups to buy a condo in a new project
– Can often reserve a specific unit ahead of all other buyers simply by completing a worksheet
– Get to work with me! a specialist, someone who has sold hundreds of condos and who is an expert in their field.

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